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Who started the Abram Powell Foundation?
The Foundation was set up by Abram Powell and his children in August 2013.
What is the Abram Powell Foundation about?
The Abram Powell Foundation was set up to make a positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate. We focus on 3 key areas: 1) Helping the Deaf Community 2) Offering Scholarships Opportunities and 3) Supporting the Needy and Less Fortunate.
How is funding for the Foundation generated?
We raise funds in a 3 key ways including

1) Personal Funds

2) Fund Raising Events & Activities and

3) Special Donations

Where do I get information about your Upcoming Events?
All our upcoming events are uploaded here on our website in the section ‘Upcoming Events’. Visit our website regularly to get updated information about what we’ll be up to next. You can also subscribe to receive regular updates from us by simply submitting your Name and Email Address on our Home Page. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.
How can I donate to the Foundation?
Special Donations help us do so much more. You can contact us or send your donations to our address below:

55 East Long Lake Road,
Suite 231
Troy, MI 48085

I would like to volunteer? What do I do?
We welcome volunteers who want to get involved in the work we do here at the Abram Powell Foundation. To get started, simply contact us via email, telephone or visit our office. Contact details are on the Contact page right here on the website.